Company Profile

Bartlett Haulage is still a relatively new company born just 16 years ago it has learned and adapted its services for the ever changing needs of our customers. Being born in this age of innovation it has had to manipulate and re-position itself in the market several times each time gaining new knowledge and experience these turns and twist has resulted in the superb innovation that has it competitors struggling to keep up with. Bartlett Haulage will continue to withhold this level of innovation with the ability to adapt to any changes the future shall hold. With this foundation the future looks ever so bright for us to prosper.

Our experience from constantly adapting in our years of operation have made us experts in our field of activities, this together with the fact that we utilize the best expertise and innovative technologies, which is further enhanced with the strength of sound work ethics when delivering to all clients.

Bartlett Haulage’s level of adaption and flexibility has given the confidence to fit the needs of any job, no place too risky, no load too large and no location too confined, these statements have not just stated but come to light acted upon the many times we have taken on high risk projects that have sent our competitors running in fear, “We Transport and Lift Anything, Anywhere, Anytime,” is our company slogan and we stay true to its meaning

The Bartlett Haulage way is to succeed and surpass all expectations in a manner in keeping with safety needs, environmental standards, work standards and time schedules. We withhold this level of innovation and adapt and change without waiting to react to situations or threats.



  • Crane and equipment rental
  • Irregular, heavy haul, and oversized load transport
  • Specialty lifting and spotting of awkward objects
  • Flexibility of jobs
  • Adaptability to irregular  high risk locations
  • Heavy lift and heavy haul
  • Transporting of delicate cargo
  • Cost efficiency to customers


Bartlett Haulage Total Projects Management System allows for the delivery of core activities that adds to the overall success of a project by utilizing a systematic process for planning, scheduling and logistics. Such a process facilitates continuous communications between customers, contractors and suppliers.



The success of Bartlett Haulage resides in its people, as they represent a fundamental resource that is of a unique blend that drives organizational success. Bartlett Haulage continues to attract and retain the best individuals with the right mix of training with relevant industry experience. This is directly related to our strategic approach to Human Resource Management that allows for the continuous development of the core competencies of Bartlett Haulage. In addition to this, Bartlett Haulage represents a learning organization that strives to develop a best practice approach to our key deliverables. To this end, Bartlett Haulage  is an employer of choice with an effective organizational culture and great enjoyable work environment.

Bartlett Haulage is a strategically focused, future driven and dynamic organization that is consciously guided by its Vision, Mission and Core Values.



Bartlett Haulage strives to be the leader in specialised lifting, spotting and transportation providing fast, safe, reliable and innovative solutions along with a service that is also efficient and friendly  and  second to none. We continue to resonate this mission all while maintaining an ethical approach to the wellbeing of our employees, clients and the general public who are of the utmost  importance.



Our strategy is connected with the philosophy that the greatest products and services are comprised of the greatest elements. Our combination of the finest employees with rigorously serviced state-of-the-art equipment and the high safety standards. The result of these pieces has lead Bartlett Haulage on its way to climbing to the top of the industry at a outstanding pace, while still ensuring that our transport, lifting, spotting and engineering services are of the highest quality.



We maintain our impeccable reputation through strict quality and safety policies formulated to protect people, equipment, cargo and client investments. We are committed to protecting our environment from the lasting impact of heavy industry.

We provide challenging and rewarding long-term careers with growth opportunity while guarding the health and safety of our team and providing extensive medical and retirement benefits.

We utilize only the best and most innovative equipment available. Each vehicle and tool is serviced on a strict schedule designed to prevent any technical and safety problems.



To continue our rapid growth while sustaining the adaptability and flexibility our clientele have grown to expect from us, all while maintaining the strong work ethic to satisfy the needs for our time and cost efficient transport, lifting and equipment services that are of top class quality.



Loyalty – At the heart of the growing organization is the commitment of both employees and customers alike. There is the realization of real value gained through positive relationships, which in turn define our culture that drives the organization to excellence.

Integrity – At the cornerstone of our culture, we consistently deliver on the highest ethical standards while being reliable and exceeding our customer needs. We furthermore define our operations as being focused on transparency while dealing with all customers.

Teamwork – We build effective relationships with all members of staff by harnessing a cooperative environment so that we can better service the needs of our customers. In keeping with this, all the activities of the organization are dependent on the openness of communication among all workers so as to facilitate the flow of work in a timely manner. Bartlett Haulage’s team effectively maximizes employee involvement to achieve quality of results while minimizing cost. This in turn creates opportunities for well motivated team members that are focused on organizational success. We see our employees as the assets that will maintain our competitive position.

Leadership – The Bartlett Haulage culture fosters the growth of leaders to drive a shared vision by seeing beyond environmental and operational boundaries. We develop an executing style that is built on mutual respect. Our innovative leaders see beyond possibilities by bringing the impossible to reality.

Obligation/ Commitment – Bartlett Haulage is established around sound relationships with all members of the organisation. Critical to such relationships is the need for safety, a stable/ balanced organization, environmental preservation, family preservation, community preservation and meeting the needs of our clients. In our quest, we are dedicated to a commitment of maintaining the highest quality and bringing success through excellent service and continually engendering the need to exceed the expectation of both internal and external customers.



A strong community supports a healthy economy and workplace. Bartlett Haulage  is dedicated to helping  local needs through charity and outreach.

Bartlett Haulage is opposed to  discrimination  against anyone and that includes illiterate  adults in need of work we go the extra mile to train these motivated yet underprivileged workers into successful and competent employees bettering their lives along with our company.

Sponsorships of kids UFC fighting dojo, a place where local kids can learn the art of self defense and even make a career out of it.

Sponsorship of Mayaro the Band,

Hiring and training of under privileged employees