Our HSSEQ system constantly works to improve and maintain several programs and procedures to keep the workplace and job sites safe.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Daily inspection of trucks & equipment
  • STOW Certification
  • Regular toolbox meetings
  • HIAB & Crane refresher courses
  • Random walk around yard inspections

We are very strict to adhering to the laws of Trinidad and Tobago as outlined in the Trinidad and Tobago Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Amended 2006, to this day we continue to withhold a comprehensive corporate safety standard carefully observed by our entire staff.

Additionally, our Safety Management Department has designed a curriculum of mandatory training seminars for office and maintenance crews, including but not limited to the following: fire safety, medical emergencies, defensive driving, drug and alcohol abuse, proactive safety attitudes, hearing protection, slips trips and falls, material safety data sheets, eye protection, managing stress and fatigue, forklift safety, powered hand tool safety, welders and straightener safety, and hearing protection.

Regular outside and internal inspections verify our observance of these policies.


  • Bartlett Haulage possesses but is not limited to all the necessary insurances to guarantee all loads and equipment are safe and undamaged.
  • Goods in Transit
  • Third Party
  • Workman’s Compensation


ISO 9001 compliance

Our operations are constantly monitored with GPS accuracy, our trucks and equipment are equipped with this and have speed alarms, the GPS system signals when a vehicle is doing over 80km/h insuring your cargo is well within the realms of safety.  Our company  has evolved into a proactive one with the foresight to deal with the turbulent market conditions, all of which are guided by policies, processes and procedures. In keeping with this effort, our systems monitor the internal processes within the organization through a systemic approach, all of which is geared towards achieving the strategic objectives and maintaining the core rigidity of the company. This in turn allows Bartlett Haulage  to be a company that is characterized as constantly improving its processes with the aim of being the best at what we do.